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    • Hello Jason. I have no plans to release a Logos version. However, I am willing to consider it, if you think it beneficial. Can you send me a “How To” link? Thanks!

  • Received mine yesterday. I am very exited and appreciative of your work and teaching concerning the Kingdom of God. I am sharing this will as many as God directs me too. God bless.

  • Sorry for the slow reply. Personally, I don’t use many print books any more. I still have about 2,000 print books but the searching capability of Logos has transformed how I study. I would be interested in a Logos version of the book so that every time I deal with the topics or passages of Scripture that you use in the book my reports pull your book.

    To get it into Logos simply give them a call and they will talk to you personally about the details. I have called for some others before and that seems to be the only way to publish a book through them.

    Logos 800-875-6467


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