One Piece At a Time

One Piece At a Time

The best approach to learning is gradual, one idea at a time, starting with the simple and proceeding to the complex. This method allows a firm foundation to be built, so that “heavier” concepts can be properly understood at the appropriate time.

So it is with learning about the kingdom of heaven. The author has discovered through painful experience that delving into the deeper aspects and details of the kingdom without first considering the most basic premises can be overwhelming, particularly if one has never been exposed to such teaching. In fact, it may even lead to rejecting kingdom truth out of fear or ignorance.

Better to start studying Scripture passages about the kingdom of heaven at the most basic level, and then letting one truth lead to another, as the Spirit of God guides. Over time, the student of the Word will have many “aha!” moments and will be amazed as pieces of a puzzle come together, forming a tapestry of truth. The more pieces that are put in place, the more one will be able to see God’s grand scheme for the ages.

With this in view, the author recommends that the reader not begin with articles that have been posted most recently (the ones at the top of the Home page) or, for that matter, here and there throughout the website, picking and choosing articles that have the most interesting-sounding titles. Rather, an incremental, systematic approach to reading is suggested. Following is a highly-recommended reading order:

1. Why We Should All Care About the Kingdom

2. The Process of Spiritual Growth (Part 1)

3. The Process of Spiritual Growth (Part 2)

4. What Type of Ground Are You?

5. The Three Tenses of Salvation

6. The Paradox of Saving the Soul (Part 1)

7. The Paradox of Saving the Soul (Part 2)

8. Reward or Loss? (Part 1)

9. Reward or Loss? (Part 2)

10. Millennial Security?

11. Two Inheritances

12. Inheriting the Kingdom of God

13. Make Your Calling and Election Sure

14. Overcomers

15. Thief in the Night: Rapture or Second Coming? (Part 1)

16. Thief in the Night: Rapture or Second Coming? (Part 2)

17. The Wedding Garment

18. Get Ready to Be the Bride

19. Seek First the Kingdom (Part 1)

20. Seek First the Kingdom (Part 2)

21. Unsalty Christians (Part 1)

22. Unsalty Christians (Part 2)

23. Entering Into Greatness (Part 1)

24. Entering Into Greatness (Part 2)

25. Entering Into Greatness (Part 3) 





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